BRAZIL 2012 - 2014

Federal State of Ceará / Fortaleza
Subsequent contract with long-term financing:

  • Delivery of equipment as part of the federal state program for the technological modernization of the State, incl. public security, such as helicopters for air rescue and fire fighting, communication facilites.

Cuba 2001 - 2009

Sugar industry, La Habana
Supply of equipment for and expansion of the production laboratory of a sugar production facility

BRAZIL 2007 - 2008

state of Ceará / Fortaleza
Supply with long-term export financing:

  • of innovative and modern scientific devices of high complexity and in a wide product range, supplied through the office of the secretary of science, technology and higher education to the universities UFC - Universidade Federal do Ceará, UECE – Universidade Estadual do Ceará and UVA – Universidade Estadual Vale do Acaraú.
  • of an aerial ladder vehicle with 55m ladder length and a long list of customized features, supplied through he office of the secretary of public security and civil protection to the fire service of the state Ceará for rescue missions in skyscrapers

GHANA 2007

Livestock Development Project, ACCRA
Supply of ultrasonic detectors and equipment for stock farming

BRAZIL 2004 - 2006

UNESP - University of the Federal State Sao Paulo

Delivery, installation and handing-over of highly sophisticated technical equipment on long-term financing basis for providing scientific and research laboratories

GHANA 2003

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra

Delivery, installation and commissioning of theatre and laboratory equipment for Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Ministry of Health / Ulaan Baatar

Programme against SARS

Supply of laboratory equipment, Patient monitoring and ventilation


United Nations Development Programme (PNUD -MODERSA)

Delivery and nationwide installation of sophisticated medical and laboratory equipment under financing of the Inter-American Development Bank

GHANA 2002

Ministry of Health / Accra

Ghana National Drug Programme

Supply of various laboratory equipment


State office for consumer protection and agriculture
laboratory center, Potsdam
Supply and installation of CO2 - incubators

INDIA 2000 - 2001


National malaria eradication programme of the Ministry of

Health and Family Welfare, Central Government of India.

Supply and delivery of 3000 nos. of "MLW - LAB", binocular microscopes purchased under the World Bank international competitive bidding by the Directorate general of Health Services on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.