Declaration of Compliance


MLW intermed maintains compliance for an integral part of business activities. When we look at compliance we talk about the abidence by the laws and corporate policies.


The export business is highly regulated. Complex regulations make high demands on the management, the executives and the employees. Our aim must therefore be to make out our business legally and ethically. To this end, the Board has initiated a process which is directed to the establishment of a compliance management system. This process is running. In a first step, the shareholders decribed values for the compliance culture (principles of ethics). Furthermore, we are set up compliance principles for export.


At an extraordinary shareholders' meeting, the shareholders declared the rules for binding.


MLW is committed to anti-corruption. They are therefore required the Directive of the Federal Government to prevent corruption in the federal administration of 30 June 2004. The Directive can be found here:


Compliance is the responsibility of the management. This is supported by an external Compliance Officer.